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007: Revive to Stage – "I wanna be the very best"

Hey guys welcome to another episode of Revive to Stage.

Follow the journey of two natural bodybuilders as they make their way to stage, each week either Steve or Pascal will be interviewed going over their past two weeks. From their struggles, to their success, from their weight change to their training and also discussing what life is currently throwing at them.

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Weeks Data – 03rd to 16th April

Week 1 Summary/Averages:

This was probably one of my best weeks of prep, everything went to plan and felt great. If I could pin it down to anything it would be the stability in my life, nothing major going on during the week, diet and training was easy to hit and I prioritised sleep.

    • Macros: 185p | 282c | 53f – 2345kcal
    • Weight: 172.1lbs
    • Sleep: 6.4 hours
    • Hunger: 3/5
    • Energy: 3/5
    • Steps: 12,937
    • Cardio: 850kcal (LISS)

Week 2 Summary/Averages:

This was probably the hardest week of prep to date, no definitely the hardest. Training sessions were taking a combined 2 hours plus per day, definitely pushing volumes I hadn’t seen before but performance was still good considering! The week only got super tough over the weekend, I go into a lot of detail in this weeks episode so be sure to check that out.

    • Macros: 186p | 302c | 57f – 2465kcal
      • Raised to maintenance over the weekend
    • Weight: 171.9lbs
      • Missed weekend weigh ins
    • Sleep: 7.5 hours
      • Poor quality over the Easter weekend
    • Hunger: 2.5/5
    • Energy: 2.5/5
      • Extremely low Friday – Monday
    • Steps: 12,631
    • Cardio: 850kcal (LISS)

Latest Physique Update

Weight again not proving to be a comfortable predictor of progress, but visually things are coming in. This is however after a weekend of maintenance Calories, and can for sure see I am looking fuller.

  • Taken first thing on Sunday morning (pump, no food)
  • Light source behind camera, to give as realistic updates as possible (no half natty lighting)

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