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008: Revive to Stage – Adjustments for success

Hey guys welcome to another episode of Revive to Stage.

Follow the journey of two natural bodybuilders as they make their way to stage, each week either Steve or Pascal will be interviewed going over their past two weeks. From their struggles, to their success, from their weight change to their training and also discussing what life is currently throwing at them.

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Weeks Data – 3rd April to 23rd April

Week 5-7 of Contest Prep

Week 1 Summary/Averages:

First week after my deload and I immediately felt that the deload wasn’t enough. I expected that this mesocycle is going to be really hard and perhaps the fatigue would accumulate too much until the next overreaching week. However, in the end, it turned out that my fear wasn’t apposite because I was able to go through this mesocycle quite smoothly. Anyway, my sleep was still all over the place and presented itself in the form of feeling constantly tired and during this week I got ill for the third time this year…

  • Macros: 201p | 342c | 45f – 2580kcal
  • Weight: 175.8lbs (down 0.6lbs last week)
  • Sleep: 6.4 hours
  • Hunger: 3.6/5
  • Energy: 2/5
  • Steps: 12,789
  • Cardio: 800kcal

Week 2 Summary/Averages:

Second week of this meso and the cold really got to me. However, stubborn as I am, I still went to the gym. Jeff decided to increase my carb intake from 275 -> 305 (Start of contest prep) and that I drop the cardio for this week, only to give the body a little bit more rest and nutrition to get rid of the illness once and for all so that it doesn’t bite my ass the deeper I get into contest prep. When we talked about the adj. I already was on my way to get better and decided not to raise the carbs and continue doing cardio because I was in the flow and got good momentum going. Further, we made the small adj. to make sure that the refeed days aren’t on a cardio/rest day.

  • Macros: 204p | 298c | 56f – 2513kcal
  • Weight: 175.4lbs (down 0.4lbs last week)
  • Sleep: 7.1 hours
  • Hunger: 3.3/5
  • Energy: 3.6/5
  • Steps: 14,078
  • Cardio: 800kcal

Week 3 Summary/Averages:

Overreaching week! My body adapted quite well to the routine and I’m way less fatigue than the last mesocycle but still, I feel that I need the upcoming deload. Fatigue quickly sets in during my workouts and I really needed to grind through them. We’ve made some small adj. to my refeed days in terms of macros. We changed them from 200p | 405c | 60f -> 160p | 500c | 40f only because I had a hard time sticking to my refeed macros and I prefer to eat higher carb/lower fat. Other than that, I slowly get control of my sleep. I bought some melatonin and I have my last meal right before bedtime which helped massively. Further I had plenty of time and went for a lot of steps.

  • Macros: 200p | 333c | 46f – 2549kcal
  • Weight: 174.1lbs (down 1.3lbs last week)
  • Sleep: 7 hours
  • Hunger: 2.6/5
  • Energy: 3.5/5
  • Steps: 17,525
  • Cardio: 800kcal

Latest Physique Update

Weight is slowly creeping down. It slowed down just a little bit over the first weeks but in week 3 there was this massive WHOOSH going on which probably also has to do that my sleep has improved. Even though the weight is coming down relatively slowly, I see constant changes in my physique. So, keep that momentum going!

  • Taken first thing on Saturday morning (pump, no food)
  • Light source side on to camera, to give as realistic updates as possible (no half natty lighting)

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