Revive to Stage

022: Revive to Stage – Game Over

In this episode, we have the founder of Shredded by Science, Luke Johnson with us.

Luke is doing his first bodybuilding show and gives us a little bit of insight why he’s competing and his mentality when it comes to being a competitive person.

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The sad truth…

…yes, I quit. 
…I’m done

Unfortunately, I needed to finally pull the plug on my contest prep. I simply pushed it too hard and my body responded. It’s the common analogy about the car and pushing down the gas paddle.

The harder you push, the higher the risk of you crashing or running out of fuel.

I tried everything I could to make it happen but even before the contest prep started it was obvious, that it will show if a contest prep is even possible when keeping in mind all the external factors and events of the past year and a half. So it comes as no surprise really but still I can say that I tried my best and took a lot out of it for myself and also for my clients. 

The one thing that stuck with me the most is simply that you want to prepare yourself for a contest prep before it even starts. 

What I mean by that?

Basically, you want to be in the best spot you possibly can be before starting the contest prep, Ie;

…not dieting for a long time prior to the contest prep being healthy, not having much stress

…being healthy

…low stress

…having enough time

…sleep is in check



In hindsight, I simply couldn’t check one of those boxes tbh. I was stressed, had massive sleep issues, wasn’t healthy because I was still recovering from my hip surgery and much more. 

However, now it’s about looking forward! The annual plan is already set and the preparation for the next competition starts now!


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