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026: Revive to Stage – The Depletion

Hey guys welcome to another episode of Revive to Stage.

Follow the journey of two natural bodybuilders as they make their way to stage, each week either Steve or Pascal will be interviewed going over their past two weeks. From their struggles, to their success, from their weight change to their training and also discussing what life is currently throwing at them.

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Weeks Data – 21st August to 27th August

Week 9 of Contest Prep


WHACK instant zombie mode, this was the HARDEST week of prep, and in fact, the hardest week probably of my entire life. The week of depletion got really hard pretty quick, with me basically being unable to function towards the end of the week. Somehow I managed to stick to it and get through, but I’ll not be recommending it or going through it again in a hurry.

  • Macros: 195p | 259c | 49f – 2257kcal
  • Weight: 164lbs (lowest 161!)
  • Sleep:    hours (up peeing A LOT, awful sleep)
  • Hunger: 2/5 (progressively getting worse)
  • Energy: 0-1/5 (progressively getting worse)
  • Steps: 15.8k (took fitbit off for 1 cardio session a day, it will be removed for all here on out)
  • Cardio: 1000kcal LISS

Latest Physique Update

We’re filling out guys 😉

  • Light source side on to camera, to give as realistic updates as possible (no half natty lighting)

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