Podcast 066: Mike Israetel Q&A – A case for muscle damage

Another fantastic Q&A with Mike Israetel.

We cover everything from defining progressive overload, to hyperplasia & why Mike thinks muscle damage & soreness has some importance for hypertrophy.

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Time stamps:

  • 00:40 Elaborations on differentiation between Overload and Progressive Overload.
  • 08:02 When we diet we want to prevent muscle loss. However post diet it’s often said we can gain back the lean tissue lost quickly due to muscle memory. Why not then diet harder?
  • 22:18 Is there any evidence you know of that ‘functional overreaching’ results in more growth than continued progression? or any research supporting prolonged AMPK elevation phenomenon dominating over mTOR?
  • 32:50 What are your thoughts on hyperplasia for both natural and enhanced populations?
  • 36:18 Defending his stance on muscle damage and soreness being indicative of hypertrophy. Just recently heard some smart evidence based folks touting that muscle damage is more of a by-product of training that may even interfere with muscle gains, as opposed to something to actively seek out?
  • 46:50 Thoughts on number of hard sets?
  • 49:55 Where do you see yourself in 5 years and 10 years time ?

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Steve spoke to Broderick Chavez all about the fallacy of the scale – listen here.

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