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032: Revive to Stage – Training when sick & UKDFBA/NPA British Finals plans

Hey guys welcome to another episode of Revive to Stage.

Follow the journey of two natural bodybuilders as they make their way to stage, each week either Steve or Pascal will be interviewed going over their past two weeks. From their struggles, to their success, from their weight change to their training and also discussing what life is currently throwing at them.

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Weeks Data – 2nd to 8th October

Week 15 of Contest Prep


After my competition I had a few ‘hard’ days, probably down to the fact the day was quite stressful on my body overall & I didn’t take a break. The day after my comp I went straight back onto my usual dieting macros & whilst Sunday was a rest day, I began training as per usual on the Monday. The week actually went super fast & towards the end I felt much better.

Something I didn’t touch on in the podcast was changing my meal frequency/structure, I’ve gone from 6 ‘meals’ per day to 5 & changed my post workout carbs from rice cakes/kids cereals to white potato – this was all for satiety purposes, and so far, so good!

  • Macros: 188p | 314 c | 44f – 2404kcal 
  • Weight: 165lbs 
  • Sleep: 7.5 hours (quality is much better, but still getting up to pee multiple times)
  • Hunger: 3/5 (typical)
  • Energy: 3/5 (improved)
  • Steps: 13k 
  • Cardio: 550kcal LISS 


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