Podcast 074: Laurin Conlin – The Evolution of Bikini

Steve talks to Laurin Conlin about the developments within bikini.

Laurin is a IFBB Bikini professional and a Master’s candidate in Exercise Science. She is an online coach, entrepreneur and owner of LoCoFit LLC.

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Time stamps:

  • 04:40 How has bikini changed over the years?
  • 10:05 What is the ‘tie in’ & why is it important?
  • 14:35 The main difference between bikini & figure? And how to pick which suits you?
  • 17:35 How has Laurin dealt with the development of eating disorders & body dysmorphia in bikini?
  • 29:45 How does Laurin get her clients to shift focus from physique to performance/training?
  • 33:25 How does Laurin approach offseason nutrition?

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