Twice Daily Training for Bodybuilders

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Twice daily training is growing in popularity amongst bodybuilders. Or so it seems from where I’m sitting. I can see why, because bodybuilders are always looking for ways to do more, because in our head this means better. Unfortunately more doesn’t equal better, better equals better, but what does that mean? How can we use […]

Why you should love; Coffee – The black gold

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I’m not talking about caffeine… Caffeine is all good but I’m specifically talking about “The black gold”, “Morning Jolt”, “Brain Juice”, “C8H10N4O2″…(wait, this is caffeine…so forget about that) … If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m of course talking about COFFEE! It is the second most consumed non-water beverage worldwide. Only tea is consumed more. Coffee […]

Become a true master: Autoregulation

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People have been using autoregulation for ages: In their training. Nutrition and recovery To strategically periodize the intensity & volume throughout a macrocycle to consciously overreach or allow for additional rest. Most of you are probably familiar with some form of autoregulation but as a strength athlete, it will most likely be… RPE – Rate of […]