11 Gifts Every Serious Powerlifter should have on their Christmas List – (& why)

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Are you a powerlifter? Or even just someone who loves to Squat, Bench and Deadlift? Not sure what you want for Christmas, but know you would enjoy getting stronger? Well, I have some must have items for any serious Powerlifter, and well what better time to get them than at Christmas. You can tell your […]

The ‘Get Shredded’ Series – Part 6 (Fat Loss Mindset)

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Dropping fat, achieving a six-pack, getting shredded, isn’t just calories in, calories out. Something often disregarded is the mindset required to get there. Anyone who has got seriously lean in the past knows there is a mental battle involved. “Go on eat that extra serving of potato” “You’ve worked hard this week, sack off that […]

The ‘Get Shredded’ Series – Part 5 (Supplements)

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You know what’s going to make the smallest difference to your fat loss results? Supplements. They are as they sound; supplemental. No supplement that is legal and easily accessible can replace the need for a solid diet and training plan. I don’t care what the advert tells you or what the most shredded dude in […]

The Bigger The Base, The Bigger The Peak (Phase Potentiation)

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When we first begin lifting we get strong real quick. This is because every time we lift, our body sees it as a threat and adapts to it, getting stronger. We get stronger mainly because of neurological adaptations, not muscle growth. However, past this stage it becomes more difficult to get strong. Our old training approach […]