How To Start Flexible Dieting

So in my article Your Tailor-Made Diet I talked about this concept ‘Flexible Dieting’, and whether or not you have heard about it before I am going to give you the low-down. I will cover everything you need to know about Flexible Dieting: Working out your Calories & Macronutrients. Explaining Flexible Dieting. Why being less…

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periodise for progress

Periodisation for Progress

Do you exercise? Or… Do you train? You might be sitting thinking; what is the difference? Well there is a big one, trust me. People who exercise don’t progress, they go to the gym, pick up a few weights, jump on some cardio machine, do some stretches and leave. They might go three times a…

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Your Tailor-Made Diet

The purpose of this article is to give you everything you need to start your diet and move towards your goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance, you will know how much to eat and where to get it. You will also be educated to why you are eating certain amounts of…

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does meal timing matter

5 Meal Timing Myths Exposed

Too often it is acceptable to have an idea of why something works, and then use this to sell it without any testing or proof. There is no experiment that asserts validity. And thus many of the accepted truths in the nutrition and training field fall within this, and they persist due to habit. I…

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How You Can Help a ‘Bro’ become a ‘Pro’

So we have all been there when someone makes a claim or comment that we disagree with. We know we’re right, as someone who keeps up to date with the science or at least the people who keep up with the science, we know more than most. Unfortunately, there are still many myths that are…

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rest times importance stop watch

Rest Times; Important or Not?

One element in training that is sometimes overlooked is rest times. Sure we have our sets, reps and maybe even tempos, but how much time should we rest between sets, and does it even matter? On one side of the coin I see people with their stop watches, or those clock watchers, who won’t pick…

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cardio making you fatter

Is Cardio Making you Fatter?

OK lets just get one thing clear…what do we need in order to put on fat? (shout it out, I know you know it). WE NEED A CALORIE SURPLUS TO PUT ON FAT No two ways about it, there have been no studies to date that discredit the First Law of Thermodynamics:  “The total energy…

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The Magic of Maintenance

What can maintenance do for you? Help overcome fat loss plateaus. Help you sustain long term fat loss. Help build lean muscle mass. But it is the one goal that doesn’t get much of a look in. People are either trying to lose it or gain weight, you rarely hear people say ‘my goal is to…

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