Podcast 036: Mike Israetel – Q&A – Progressing Optimally & more

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Today Steve talks to Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodisation. Another fantastic Q&A. We cover cardio recommendations for bodybuilders and powerlifters, touch on Jeremy Loenneke, how to bring up stubborn calves and optimal progression in the weights room. You do not want to miss this. Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus […]

Full Guide: Caffeine & Resistance Training

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Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, who doesn’t love themselves some caffeine? Speaking of caffeine, coffee is the most popular drink worldwide. Where two billion cups are consumed every single day. As you probably already know, coffee contains quite a bit of caffeine, with about 115 mg of caffeine in every cup. Caffeine could lead to improved training, better […]

How to Train: Prime for Muscle Growth

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to train that primed our muscles to grow? …isn’t that hypertrophy training? Oh well, I guess it is, but if you’ve read Parts 1 & Part 2 on Primer Phases you’ll have been introduced to something that is a great addition to a periodised plan. You’ll […]

Podcast 034: Brad Loomis – How to get the best results as a client & coach online

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Today I talk to Brad Loomis from 3DMJ. Brad Loomis first stepped on the competitive bodybuilding stage in 2003. Earning his Pro status in 2008, he then began competing in raw Powerlifting in 2010 achieving a measure of success. Brad considers his greatest talent to be coaching; “I have an innate ability to translate the […]

Podcast 033: James Krieger – Setting up your own hypertrophy programme

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I have been following James Krieger a long time. Last year I met him at the Personal Trainer Collective Conference in Bath and he did a fantastic presentation. He’s been doing a lot of work with Alan Aragon, Bret Conteres, Brad Schoenfeld amongst others and I knew I had to get him on the podcast. […]

The ‘Primer Phase’ – the unsung hero of nutritional periodisation

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What the hell is a ‘Primer Phase’? It’s something that without an exciting name like ‘primer’ most would turn their nose up to. — but they really shouldn’t. It’s what most would call maintenance. Maintenance….isn’t that another word for stalling? Staying the same? Not progressing? No, kinda, no — when we maintain weight, we’re not changing our […]