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Supplements & Practical Application

Supplements & practical application. There seems to be two camps when it comes to supplementation: Supplements are unnecessary when you eat a healthy diet Supplements are fantastic and you should try and take as many as possible When in reality neither camp are where the gold lies. Me and Mark delve into the shades of…

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The Summer Bulk

The Summer Bulk. For most summer means trying to remove weight rather than add it. However, this isn’t the case for me and Mark, and many others, so we discuss our current training and diet programming and hopefully give you some ideas to how you might want to approach your bulks too. We cover: Where…

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Pokemon Go & NEAT (the gamification of exercise)

POKEMON is back! On this episode me and Mark talk about the importance of choosing Charmander over Bulbasaur. And why becoming a Pokemon master is easier than it sounds. — NOT — We talk a little about Pokemon Go and a lot about why it might help with the obesity epidemic, its impact on our…

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Peaking for Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding with Merat Tafreshi

I love Bodybuilding. But I also love Powerlifting. Both require a lot of effort, dedication and determination, however for Bodybuilding you’re peaking for a particular look (shredded and muscular) whereas in Powerlifting you’re peaking your maximal strength. So both require different strategies and that is what todays podcast is all about. On todays show I…

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How Surviving Cancer Changed My Life – Mark Newcombe

Cancer is no joke. Millions of people are diagnosed with it every year. In the UK in 2012 there was a 50% chance you would survive. Today I am so so happy to share with you one of the survivors; personal trainer, husband, brother and father; Mark Newcombe. Ever since I discovered Mark I have…

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How to use ‘Muscle Confusion’ to spur gains with Scott Tousignant

Muscle confusion…it’s a confusing topic. Some people think it is the BEST way to grow muscle — shocking the body. Others think that it is one of the worst things you can do — you need to focus on progress. Me and Scott Tousignant take a slightly different view, and discuss how you can get…

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Why Bodybuilders Shouldn’t Compete Year After Year with Denver Steyn

Contest prep is hard. Really hard. Really f*cking hard!!! Me and Denver Steyn discuss whether or not bodybuilders should really compete every year. Topics we covered: Who is Denver & why you should care what he has to say. When did we last compete & how many times have we competed? What we fill our…

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Bodybuilding & Powerlifting with Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard. Strong. Jacked. Down to earth & incredibly well read. — and sometimes tanned. I’ve been following Jeff for quite some time, always enjoying his down to earth, evidence based approach. Of course he is also a very gifted pro natural bodybuilder and incredibly strong, which helps too! — Jeff has been pumping out…

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