The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Muscle

What you get

  • A diet plan that will prime your body to gain muscle, plus it's enjoyable, non-restrictive & so you will stick to it for long-term muscle growth.
  • A training plan that is customisable to you, based on research that has seen people get double the results when compared to traditional approaches.
  • A supplement guide that provides you with natural tools you can use to optimise your muscular potential.
  • Over 80 pages of Knowledge that is backed by Science, so you know it's guaranteed to work.
Andrea Valdez

Stephen's 'Get Big, Stay Lean' is an off-season must-have. He paints a very true picture about the ups and downs that come with fitness. So many people get stuck in losing fat OR gaining muscle, but this guide gives some very actionable tips on how to have the best of both worlds. I highly recommend 'Get Big, Stay Lean' for any intermediate who is struggling with plateaus and searching for balance with their physique or strength goals.

- Andrea Valdez,

Armi Legge

Stephen has found the perfect balance of simplicity and accuracy. In this short yet informative read, you'll have all of the tools you need to lose fat, build muscle and get stronger.

- Armi Legge,

Jay Scott

Get Big Stay Lean is truthful, consistent, and honest just like it's author Stephen Hall. Stephen tells you the right things to concentrate on to get serious fitness results; but more importantly he tells you the things NOT to worry about. Pick up this book if you want to learn how to gain muscle the right way.

- Jay Scott,

“I have been training for a few years, seen good results, making great initial gains.
However, I am now stuck, I am not seeing the steady progress I saw in the past”

Does that sound familiar? If so this book is for you. It is inevitable, the longer you train, the nearer you edge towards your genetic potential. Once you have got to this point you’ll have built a decent amount of muscle and strength.

You’ve become more efficient and that means to progress you need to do more to tax your body enough to cause it to adapt. That, in turn, means you need to get a little cleverer with your training, one single session isn’t enough to spur gains. You're no longer a newbie. 

Plus you’re stronger, so you can deal with heavier loads, and these are very taxing. So, you cannot go heavy all the time.

You need to train in a fashion that will produce enough stress to overload your body but also with enough time to recover to allow the adaption to take place.

Inside this book you will get a periodised training programmethat is designed specifically for you, organised in a fashion that’ll allow you to continue gaining muscle. It will balance stress and recovery to spur gains.
However, even with the right training programme you will not get the results you desire without correct nutrition.

Yeah, yeah we all know to get big, you need to eat big, but this only gets us so far.

This book is for those who want to gain all the muscle and none of the fat. Eating big will get you big, big and chubby. Inside this book you will get a personalised nutrition plan that is designed to get you big while keeping you lean.

My mission is to provide results and educate, this is a comprehensive guide to gaining muscle, so you will get big, stay lean and know why.


Nutrition and training are key when it comes to gaining muscle mass. However, often missed are areas such as mindset, sleep and tracking your progress. Do you know how long you should sleep for? Do you get frustrated with your results and wish you had a way around this? Do you wonder whether you should stop gaining and cut back some fat? All of these questions and more are covered in this book.


I have written this book because too many people are either spinning their wheels in an attempt to stay lean while getting bigger, or they’re adding needless fat to their physique. Neither of these situations are any good and to be honest I find it frustrating to see, as I have been there myself. I did the traditional ‘Eat Big to Get Big’ protocol and I have stagnated for far too long in an attempt to stay lean. I wrote this book to help prevent either situation arising and allowing people to Get Big and Stay Lean.


I am very jealous. Jealous of you because you have access to information I wish I had seen before I touched a weight or protein shake.

Be Skinny & Fat or Muscular & Lean. It's Your Choice.

  • 1) Muscle Gaining Nutrition Plan (£14.99)
    You'll find out:
    How much Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate you need & why.
    How much Muscle you can gain each month & how to make sure you get it.
    How to factor in foods you love & social occasions that crop up into your diet.

  • 2) Muscle Gaining Training Plan (£29.99)
    You'll discover:
    The Mechanisms behind of Muscle Growth.
    The Revive Max Muscle Training Programme.
    The Principles behind training programmes & how to manipulate these principles to grow Maximal Muscle.
    Whether you want to do cardio & how it might fit into your programme.

  • 3) Supplementation & How to Break Through Plateaus. (£5.99)
    You'll get:
    A Complete Supplement Guide made by Citadel Nutrition.
    The Tools necessary to keep you on track & motivated everyday.
    An understanding of factors outside training & nutrition & their unique importance.
    Knowledge of when you are better off cutting down before continuing to bulk up.


Total Value £50.97

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