Mini-Cut Movement Success Stories

6 Weeks Fast Fat Loss

Ben Cross

  • Total loss of over 11lbs (6% of total bodyweight)
  • Results are consistent with no crash dieting
  • Fatigue management and use of the RPE scale are the biggest takeaways for me

fat loss is hard, the group has made it 10x easier

Mark Newcombe

You get an education on fat loss

Nicky Danks

For some reason feels pretty easy and loving the structure.

Nivar Yshi

  • Total loss of 5lbs (4% of bodyweight)
  • Waist down 1.5inches, Hips down 2 inches and Thighs down 1 inch
  • Learned how to be much more accurate and consistent with macro tracking
  • Discovered the importance of a deload week
  • Realised why looking at long term weight changes in important
  • Learned how to take perspective; that it is ok to let weight loss go when life takes over and not to stress

Down lbs and inches - never really feel hungry or cravey (I'm actually eating more than I was before!) workouts are pretty easy and I've continued my regular running schedule throughout the whole process.

Vernon Fallon

Results have been ahead of what I expected so no complaints (wizardry by Steve I reckon)

Support has been amazing in a Group environment we have been pushing and helping each other, a group set up actually keeps you accountable and committed.

Setup from day 1 has been beyond professional from Steve no stone left unturned, when the plan started you new every detail no second guessing. Spreadsheets and detail is better than any other coach I have worked with (and paid a lot more for).

This is going to be my new tool year round.

Thanks Steve and the Group you guys helped massively.

  • Total weight loss over 4lbs (6% of total bodyweight)
  • Hips down 4cm and waist down 3.8cm

Good excel templates to use, the guides answer most of the questions and any other questions posted on here have been answered quickly. Good sized group and some great contributions.

Ben Jamieson

The weight fell off with ease, plus stayed off allowing me to slowly build my calories up to enter a lean bulk.

  • Total weight loss over 10lbs

Is it weird that I enjoyed the diet?

Gemma Gresty

A big THANK YOU to Steve as well for getting me to where I wanted to be with his training and fat loss methods

  • Total weight loss 5.9lbs
  • Over 3 inches lost from waist

Love the flexibility within the workouts! While I was skeptical of my macros at first, I am down 3 lbs and haven't felt hungry or miserable at all.

Jamie Varnham

I have to say mate this was a fantastic 6 weeks, really was laid out professionally and very educational, can't believe the price we all payed for this. Will be following this 6 week cycle from now on.

Supplementing with your get big stay lean book as that worked wonders for me before Christmas. You really are one of the best up and coming fit pros of the future if not now!!!!

  • Total weight loss 5.7lbs
  • 3.5cm lost from Hips and 6cm lost from Waist

Everything was really clearly set out, making it easy to follow.

Chris Sanders

Joining the Mini-Cut Movement was a great decision as it provided the affordable accountability I was after and an easy to follow plan of attack to get results.

There was a good group of like minded individuals contributing in the private Facebook group, providing encourage, advice and banter.

  • Total weight loss over 8lbs

The spreadsheets are really well structured and easy to use, you answer any questions really quickly. I'm happy with everything. Thank you.

Luke Weal

6 weeks was all it took to get VERY lean, stoked, now for a lean bulk.

  • Over 7lbs lost

This has been awesome, and it is definitely how I will diet in future

Sharon McCool

Folks, it's been a pleasure being part of this group and I've learned so much from everyone. The interaction and craic was great to keep me motivated.

  • Over 6lbs lost
  • Hips down 5.5cm

I am a member of various online Fitness/bodybuilding pages where it's always hard to interact as everyone has different goals etc etc, being in a group with like minded people makes it so much easier.

Barry Peoples

Well done to everyone how took part in the mini-cut. It was tough at times but well worth it. Thanks to Steve Hall for developing the mini-cut movement which gets the results! Quick & dirty fat loss can be achieved

  • Weight down over 12lbs
  • Measurements down all over

The accountability in the group is a big motivator. Was at the till with some muller rice vanilla custards today and put them down. Changed them for salad. Energy is good. Strength up.

Harry H

The mini-cut movement simply works!

Your macros and structured training sessions are all set for you. Every single person in our cohort saw tangible results week on week which was great. Having the support of a group of like minded people all going through the same cut was hugely helpful.

The group was effective in providing accountability and motivation and the total cost was minimal! If you've got a little fat to cut and are looking to lean out I can highly recommend the mini cut movement. You won't regret it!

  • Weight down over 11lbs
  • 1.75 inches lost from the waist

The best thing about it was just how easy it was! Seriously didn't feel like I was on diet and it is the quickest I have dropped weight.


I started the programme because I was spinning my wheels and nothing much happening, I needed help getting out of the dead end.

The group sharing videos and recipes was excellent. The one thing I really liked about the programme was the support, the weekly check-ins and interactivity. With the programme I achieved my lowest body fat ever! And learned how to eat for fat loss.

Definitely will recommend your service! I got major support, all the information and guidanceI I needed to follow through on the program.

  • Weight down over 5lbs
  • 2 inches lost from the waist

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