The most efficient & effective fat loss programme out there

NEXT MOVEMENT 31st of July

Participants have lost over 10lbs in 6 weeks WITHOUT CARDIO!

Gain confidence & be proud to take off your shirt by losing pounds of fat!

What Can You Expect?

  • 6 Week Course
  • Progressive Goal-Specific Training Programming
  • Initial consultation form required to have bespoke nutritional recommendations provided (macronutrient targets) to get you towards your goal
  • Progress tracking spreadsheets to self-report and track your results, allowing you to clearly track your progress
  • You will learn how to adjust your nutritional intake to improve progress over the course
  • Share your experiences with a group of like minded individuals after the same thing
  • This will be cheaper than one to one online coaching with similar benefits

Real Results, that Really Stick

Below you can see the person entered the diet after a long period of slowly gaining weight. They dropped their calories and their weight followed suit. Then after the 6 weeks their calories came straight back up, yet their weight remained stable. 

This is NOT another Fad Diet

No unrealistic claims or results, just hard scientific facts and in the field experience has driven my programme.

The Mini Cut Method works, really, really well.

Is this right for you?

  • You want to see measurable progress week to week
  • You would benefit from further support & accountability
  • You're willing to track your nutrition and understand its importance
  • At least 6 months weight training experience
  • At least 1 month not dieting prior to starting
  • This course is open to males & females

All for less than £15 per week!

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