Protein Mug Cake

Forget protein shakes & have yourself a protein mug cake. Seriously you will be addicted to these once you try em!

  • Time

    <5 Minutes

  • Macros

    35g Protein | 3g Carbohydrates | 2g Fat

  • Difficulty

    Super Easy!


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Start by grabbing a mug and your scale. Put your mug on the scale, zero it out and measure out your milk. Now you are ready to weigh and add your dry ingredients. Add these all in and combine, don’t stir too harshly or you might get the milk gushing out.

It’ll eventually all mix together nicely to form a smooth paste. If you use a blended protein or casein based protein, like Trutein, you might find you need to add more liquid, that is fine. Just be sure your batter is like batter, and not super runny or mega thick, think Greek Yoghurt consistency.

Once you have got this consistency you’re ready to get it going in the microwave. Personally I have had the best results by leaving it until you see it peeping over the top of the mug. Not spilling over, but just coming to the top. This is around 30 seconds, but will depend on the power of your microwave and the ingredients you have used.

Take it out of the microwave, flip it over, give it some taps, encourage it out. It’ll slide out and you will hopefully be left with some residue in the mug, I recommend you get a spatula and scrape this out and cover your cake![/text_block]




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