Podcast 057: Martin MacDonald – diet as aggressively as you can without losing muscle

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Martin MacDonald aka the hater of Lean in 15. Only joking. Well kinda. He is known as many things; a ‘Clinical Performance Nutritionist’, Celebrity nutritionist, the founder of Mac-Nutrition.com, which is now a thriving nutrition consultancy boasting sought after long-term internship and weekend Mentorship programs. Plus he runs Mac-Nutrition-University UK’s first ever 12-month, evidence-based, online nutrition course that […]

Twice Daily Training for Bodybuilders

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Twice daily training is growing in popularity amongst bodybuilders. Or so it seems from where I’m sitting. I can see why, because bodybuilders are always looking for ways to do more, because in our head this means better. Unfortunately more doesn’t equal better, better equals better, but what does that mean? How can we use […]

The ‘Primer Phase’ – the unsung hero of nutritional periodisation

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What the hell is a ‘Primer Phase’? It’s something that without an exciting name like ‘primer’ most would turn their nose up to. — but they really shouldn’t. It’s what most would call maintenance. Maintenance….isn’t that another word for stalling? Staying the same? Not progressing? No, kinda, no — when we maintain weight, we’re not changing our […]

Podcast 27: Dr. Mike Israetel – Variation within Micro, Meso and Macrocycles & more

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You’re in for a treat this week as I ask Dr. Mike your questions, in particular variation across your macrocycles. Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here. Mike goes over many mis-conceptions within training such as muscle confusion, over training/development of the front […]