Team Revive Stronger

Rob Graham

  • Top 5 Placing in Men's Physique
  • Won the Derby BNBF Novice Natural Bodybuilding Title
  • Dropped 30lbs in 30 weeks
  • WILKS Score up from 269.7 to 327.6

Mike Whittle

Overall I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Steve. He took me through my training and nutrition, explaining the why's and how's allowing me to not only get on with things but understand them too.

I've not just dropped a lot of fat and got stronger, I've improved my diet and have a greater understanding of nutrition and training.

  • Dropped 40lbs in 12 Weeks
  • Strength & mobility improvements
  • Higher quality diet & better understanding of what to eat

James Driscoll

As someone a bit newer to lifting weights the videos you provided were of great help, so I knew how to do the exercises. Also the weekly video updates really helped keep me on track and kept things much more personal.

With a hell of a lot of encouragement from yourself I started to believe that anything is possible given the right nutrition and training from someone who knows their stuff!

Steve, you have been great so far, way more than I experienced from previous experiences with personal trainers, and I'm exited to enter the next phase and get to my long term goals.

  • Increased strength despite dropping fat.
  • Feeling healthier, leaner & more confident.
  • Renewed motivation & drive for the gym.

With all of the travel I do personally and for my job, I am often super focused trying to keep up with the demands that pull me in various directions other than fitness. I must pick and choose what I can dedicate my efforts to on a day to day basis and those priorities are often changing.

This means that fitness and my ability to track, check in, and respond to you is not always consistent. Your ability to adapt to my hectic lifestyle and stay the course has been the biggest boost to helping me achieve my goals.

You take a lot of pressure off of me, so that I do not have to worry about training/diet programming, which allows me to utilize that time for work/personal tasks. Further, for being a younger trainer, your professionalism, in depth responses, and quick response times are outstanding no matter how long anyone has been in the business.

  • Fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Reduced pain by clever programming round injuries.
  • All time PRs on squat, bench and deadlift.

Niall Loughran

‘I feel you have made big difference in my life! I was looking too much into nutrition and diet, and was getting nowhere! When you started giving me advice you made my life so much easier and now I feel I am living life to the full!

I don’t have to worry about food anymore. I can go out with my mates and eat what I want and just adjust accordingly so it fits my goals!! Thanks Steve.’

Alero Cave

Steve many thanks for your support in relation to my training and nutrition over the last six months. The training and nutrition plan that you provided for my marathon this year played a big part in me being able to hit a new marathon PB, by wiping off more than 30 minutes off my previous time.

I have appreciated the consistency with which you check in with me to monitor progress and your flexibility in relation to adapting training or nutrition when required. Looking forward the next phase of our training to get beach body ready for next year and achieve some more running PBs.

  • Marathon Personal Best (beating previous time by 30 minutes).
  • Strength particularly in the lower body, aiding running performance.

Ryan Synnott

Steve would take you past all plateaus, make you understand nutrition, exercise form and things you hadn’t even thought about in the past. Steve has completely changed my outlook on dieting and nutrition as a whole.

I’m the strongest I have ever been pound for pound, and that’s thanks to the routines I have followed, with the weekly adjustments and monitoring provided by Steve.

Steve is the best supplement I have ever used!

  • 30lbs lost in 16 weeks.
  • Strength increased by over 10%.
  • Much greater understanding on the importance of nutrition.

George Green

I have followed Steve’s progress over youtube for some time, and I was impressed. Steve’s knowledge and progress were the reasons I came to him.

I started at 172lbs after a year bulk. I did a few weeks by myself then decided to inquire about Steve's coaching packages because he is much more knowledgable than myself. I finished my mini cut at a lean 157 lbs, I have increased my strength, speed and agility. This is important as I am a Tennis scholar.

I was impressed with the presentation of my programme, my nutrition and the response I get from Steve. If I had questions, they would be answered within the day. I had weekly check ups, which made sure I was in check, and I was told about any weekly changes whether it be programming or nutrition. Steve also walks you through the training, so you gain an understanding of how the programme works.

My results speak for themselves, and I was incredibly difficult because of the fact I travel so much, go out a lot, and sometimes send pictures of my food to Steve because my guessing was not as good as his. I have enjoyed Mcdonalds, burger king, doughnuts, pizza, cookies and I did not mess up on my diet. I stayed flexible and I did not suffer from any cravings.

I would suggest Steve to any of my friends. I will also be staying with him for the foreseeable future.

Thomas Gray

Just want to say a big thanks, it really has removed that mental masturbation aspect of programming your own training and allowed me to be more productive in relation to my study and coaching of my own clients.

I know I was coming off a huge lay off but still incredibly happy with the progress thus far. Especially considering the time frame

  • 20lbs lost in 9 weeks.
  • Strength maintained.

Abdullah Alkanan

  • 10lbs lost in 6 weeks.
  • Muscle mass increased (chest & arm girth increased).

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Stephen. I was quite unsure when it came to online personal trainers because I tried it in the past and it wasn’t something I thought I would do again.

However, after much researching and using my common sense, I stumbled upon Stephen’s YouTube page and I was convinced that his way of thinking when it comes to nutrition, diet and exercise is something that appealed to me.

So I went ahead and singed up to start with him, and I can say that the last 3 months have been great. There was a sense of certainty, I know what I am eating and how much to eat and what to train. It has influenced my lifestyle greatly to the better. I do have a very busy work schedule but through the great weekly motivation from Stephen in conjunction with his weekly tweaks to my routine I have been pushing through.

I can email Stephen anytime and he is quick to respond, baring in-mind he has a very busy schedule as well. I think the decision to go ahead and join this service has been one I am delighted I made, and I can’t wait for the future.

I truly recommend Stephen to anyone who wants to make a positive change on how their body looks and feels and ultimately get healthy.

Harry Holland

  • Squat, Bench & Deadlift Total up 10% in 3 months.
  • 4lbs of lean mass in 3 months.

I’ve known Steve for some time now from around our local gym – he’s always been happy to help out and give advice ever since we met. Even before he went professional I couldn’t fault Steve on his evidence based approach to nutrition and training.

At university I row and  Steve  accounts for this change in lifestyle, adjusting my nutrition and training regime accordingly. I came back from University before summer feeling pretty weak, having focused heavily on my rowing. Now I am stronger than I’ve ever been, and have gained around 4lb’s of lean mass.

Regardless of whether you’re new to weight training, experienced, or even looking to step on stage I would highly recommend Steve’s services. Having a knowledgeable coach to be accountable to each week makes all the difference. No foods are off limits, and none are put on a pedestal (clean/dirty foods..) it’s all totally flexible within reason.

I couldn’t be happier with my training with Steve. His science based approach, passion for health & fitness, and drive to constantly be learning more are second to none.

Ross Phelps

I am so glad that I hired you as a coach, I was sceptical at first but after taking the plunge I feel so much more confident with myself. I now realise that I can enjoy the foods I like and still achieve my goals as well as attending social events which I may of previously avoided.

My training in the gym has progressed more in the last 3 months than it had in the past 2 years which I only have you to thank for.

  • Gained 8lbs the vast majority being lean mass in 3 months.
  • Learned & fully applied a Flexible Dieting approach.
  • Much better understanding on how to plan & periodise training.
  • Now look forward to training sessions.

Stephen Power

I'm very happy with Steve's coaching on all fronts, it is all good science based stuff and it works! Steve's natural journey inspired me to kick start my own, and I knew he was the guy to go to. He enabled me to get consistent results by making me accountable so I didn't miss training sessions or screw up my diet. I would definitely recommend Steve to others.

  • Lost over 20lbs, whilst going on holidays, struggling with injuries etc.
  • Learned & fully applied a Flexible Dieting approach.

Darius Ossanlow

Steve does more than I could ask for as a coach. Working with Steve Improved my confidence, self esteem and athletic ability. Not to mention my knowledge of nutriton/ training/ lifestyle choices. I'm able to live a healthy life, reach my goals, and still socialise without missing out on everything.

  • Increased strength and 1 rep max's in Bench and Deadlift & greater work capacity
  • Increased muscle gain with minimal fat.
  • Increased confidence and self esteem, happier and reduced stress.
  • Greater feel of control over my life/health, much more disciplined.
  • Better sleep.

Charlie Rowden

After training with you for a long time now I've realised the most important thing for me about having a coach is that you've been able to keep me accountable and that I've been able to come to you when I've had issues with going over macros, feeling fluffy, not making lifts I know that I can etc. As we've found out I'm probably too worried about getting fat which is why before having a coach I was almost constantly cutting and couldnt stick to a bulk for more than a month or so. In addition I've learnt a lot about programming and training which I didn't expect at the start.

  • Been able to stick to bulking consistently
  • Trying different training techniques and blocks
  • Knowledge on the importance of programming and not going 100% every session.
  • Put on muscle; clothes tighter, hugging the sleeves and thighs, peoples commenting I look more muscular.
  • Increased calorie intake massively.
  • Strength increased.

Korel Ponti

  • Drastically reduced cardio.
  • Better awareness for nutrition and what I need to perform.
  • Lost over 20lbs and maintained this loss.
  • Developed and improved my squatting and deadlift technique.
  • Learned the importance of refeeds and diet breaks.

Steve never skipped a beat. He started adapting things to me right away. I like that there are several different ways to get towards my goals and that it is always an option to try something different if things aren’t working. Also, Steve has a good understanding and compassion for the psychological aspect of this.

I’m a really busy guy, and Steve has worked with me to find routines that fit my schedule, lifestyle, and ability, and always tells me he can change things up if something does not work. And he’s always been very accessible. I can send him an email and he gets back to me within the day despite being across seas. Also, in the rare occasion I can’t reach Steve, I have access to the Team Revive community and can run my questions by them. They are a positive bunch of folks and I’m happy to be a part of that learning community.

Steve is incredibly body-positive, non-shaming, encouraging, and focused on helping me reach my goals. He also has an incredible amount of knowledge that he is willing to share, and for me that’s what sold me: I’m not a mindless robot being told how to eat and how to train, I’m learning and participating in my own physical development, which is empowering.

I’m stoked with how my body has been progressing and with how much strength I’ve gained in such a short amount of time. I have more knowledge about my own body, and have gained new eating habits that will sustain me in my long-term health.

Steve is truly a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to other male and female strength athletes, and anyone looking to transform the way they think about dieting and health.

Billy Collins

Steve provided me with a wide range of tools and a massive enthusiasm that installed confidence in what I would be paying in to. He is building an extensive training library, and has a vast array of helpful documents which simply meant that I could get on and do what needed to be done – plus, Steve is only ever an email or text away.

If you’re looking for someone who knows their stuff – I’m biased – but look no further than Steve. You won’t regret it.

  • Muscular size and definition
  • Enjoyment with training once again
  • Gained massive amounts of strength
  • Dropped body-fat
  • Develop healthy eating habits – 2+ months of no binging

Cameron Mitchel

  • Confidence inside and outside the gym has never been better.
  • Deadlift 1RM up 50kg. Squat 1RM up 45kg. Bench 1RM up 20kg.
  • Dropped over a stone in a month.

There was constant guidance from the beginning with every aspect of training. Steve ensured that my training would fit around my university work, and that I wouldn’t have to spend hundreds on various supplements. We also developed a good connection, which helped ensure we understood one another.

To anyone looking to train with Steve; he will go above and beyond what you expect. His coaching alongside the flexible dieting approach has been a game changer, half the time I didn’t even feel like I was dieting. The fat kept coming off and strength kept increasing. I am more than happy with my results.

Cameron Winter

With video updates, mainly, and very personalised changes to diet/training plans depending on feedback I gave I have seen great results with Steve.

Together we have successfully dropped fat, gained strength and bulked up -- in fact many times, with great success and that is why you're my coach.

  • Learnt how to use flexible dieting whilst still achieving desired results.
  • A National Qualifying Powerlifting Total
Catherine Nelson

I am finally seeing the results I have not been able to achieve previously. I am feeling great in myself and I really feel I have my eating and mindset under control. I was so impressed with Stephen’s realistic and sustainable approach in helping me to achieve my goals.

Catherine Nelson Mother & Personal Trainer
Scott Thomas

I came to Steve with a poor relationship with food, and wanting to drop fat. Together we have been through a lot, and managed to get me in a position to comfortably gain muscle and eat a diet I enjoy. Really happy with the coaching I have received!

Scott Thomas Powerlifter

I’ve gained around 7lbs of mass with little to no fat and have also seen my strength increase exponentially over the last 12 weeks. I am very happy with my results! Steve is extremely personable and makes you feel right at home, even with it being online based. Plus the ‘Revive’ community makes it more enjoyable as we are able to see one another progress. Steve is also always extremely punctual with meetings, updates and responses to emails. Always putting his client’s needs first.

Ian Harris
Steve Tagg

In 3 months I have hit a weight last seen nearly 14 years ago – when I got married. Further, I am more toned than I have ever been (according to my wife), and have more energy. The other aspect of Revive that has pleasantly surprised me is how sustainable it is, I can honestly say that I have had to make very few sacrifices.  I have been amazed by my progress and would recommend Revive to everyone.

Steve Tagg Self Employed
Lyndsey Palmer

I have not had a crazy physical transformation, but I believe I have not only met, but surpassed my initial goal of a more healthy relationship with food and I have Stephen to thank for that. Stephen’s style, compassion, and dedication is exactly why I would choose him as my coach for future competitions and I would recommend his services to everyone!

Lyndsey Palmer Personal Trainer / Physique Athlete
Haris Rajah

Steve has truly influenced my life on a large scale, since training is a big part of my time. It’s the best investment I’ve made towards my health, worth every penny. Highly recommend him to anyone, whether you’re advanced or a beginner.

Haris Rajah Student
Connor Stanbridge

I’ve gained a lot of strength and a decent amount of muscle. Before starting with Steve I was definitely not eating enough, straight away Steve increased my food intake and got me on a structured training programme. Those two things made a huge difference, plus Steve continually educates me a long the way, which as a new Personal Trainer is vital.

Connor Stanbridge Personal Trainer / Physique Competitor
Hannah Davies

I wanted to gain control over my eating, Steve educated me about Flexible Dieting and found ways I could be accountable to what I ate. I am also stronger than ever, me and Steve moulded my workouts to hit my preferences while getting results. Very happy!

Hannah Davies Personal Trainer
Ted Hill

Steve has genuinely transformed my approach to gym and dieting. I have never seen such continual progress in the gym! I am now in the best shape of my life, and extremely happy with my results.

Ted Hill Student
Mark Newman

I honestly have had a great time. I’m stronger and have a much better understanding of how to do so. I enjoy being part of the Revive Team, in which recipes, articles and more are shared, this only furthered my knowledge. I have a more varied diet than ever and I am seeing strength progress every week in the gym.

Mark Newman
Rupert Harvey

I have gained strength and lost fat, which is great. But better than that is the huge amount of knowledge I have learned regarding nutrition. I look forward to continuing as part of Team Revive, I’m learning every single day and progressing towards my goals.

Rupert Harvey
Jonathan Cave

Steve went well beyond his call of duty for me during the lead up to my show, most importantly checking where I was in my head. By the end of my prep I was more than happy with how I looked, and knew that Steve had given me 110% of his effort. Besides from his knowledge, and personability, the best part of being a client of Steve’s is being part of Team Revive. There are some real committed and enthusiastic guys in the group and no doubt that’s partly due to the fact we all look up to our coach!

Jonathan Cave Men's Physique
Sam East

Your mantra about aligning actions with goals in “tough” situations and laying out a format where everything was controlled helped me to begin understanding how my body works and get freedom in my dietary choices. I’ve dropped 8 pounds in fat and cut 2 inches off my waist plus increased strength in the main 3 compounds by a combined 50kg. The two biggest areas I think you have helped me with is my mind-set and my education. 

Sam East
Sameer Alam

I learnt so much that I now am much more confident in my own abilities to create a training and nutrition plan. Before I thought my body was too stubborn to drop fat or gain muscle, now I realise it isn’t. I will apply what I have learnt from Steve and use it for the rest of my life. Thank you Steve, it has been a pleasure.

Sameer Alam Student
Barry Peoples

I wanted fat loss/ get really lean. And now I want to get a better relationship with food and mindset. I have achieved so much with Steve including; a better understanding of training & nutrition, an understanding of the mindset needed, a more sustainable approach to dieting, getting lean before the summer, better balance with food, life and training, an understanding on how to approach eating out and going on holiday while staying on track and I have created new habits in my daily life. Thank you Steve.

Barry Peoples Personal Trainer

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