017: Revive to Stage – Knowing when to quit!


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Hey guys welcome to another episode of Revive to Stage.

Follow the journey of two natural bodybuilders as they make their way to stage, each week either Steve or Pascal will be interviewed going over their past two weeks. From their struggles, to their success, from their weight change to their training and also discussing what life is currently throwing at them.

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Weeks Data – 5.th June to 25.th June

Week 14-16 of Contest Prep

Week 1 Summary/Averages:

Diet break. Last week I had my first training week of the new mesocycle which was right after the Mike Israetel Seminar in London. I simply felt extremely fatigued already, not just physically but also mentally. This is why I decided to take a real diet break now. I dropped the cardio, reduced steps per day by half and increased my calories to maintenance and slightly above. I seriously felt like I needed a proper break.

Perhaps I pushed it too had for too long. The diet break should be implemented before you’re crashing and not when it’s already happening…

  • Macros: 234p | 409c | 47f – 2992kcal
  • Weight: 175.2 lbs (up 3.3lbs last week)
  • Sleep: 7.14 hours
  • Hunger: 3.29/5
  • Energy: 3.43/5
  • Steps: 9,150
  • Cardio: NO CARDIO
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Week 2 Summary/Averages:

Back into dieting but I must admit, my mind and body aren’t really there yet. During the diet break, I was thinking about cutting it short and now in hindsight, I’m extremely glad that I didn’t. The fatigue accumulated really quickly again and it’s an indicator that my body is running on low fuel for a long period of time already. I’ll try to get back into the groove of dieting, especially because I want and actually, I need to push it hard now to be able to make it on stage. Too many weeks didn’t went as planned in terms of the weight loss…

  • Macros: 208p | 262c | 48f – 2300kcal
  • Weight: 174.7 lbs (down 0.44lbs last week)
  • Sleep: 6.5 hours
  • Hunger: 2.57/5
  • Energy: 2.71/5
  • Steps: 16,654
  • Cardio: 800 kcal
  • Week 3 Summary/Averages:

    Overreaching week already. Yes, I did put a light week into this mesocycle but I also extended it by 1 additional training week. I’m extremely fatigued tbh due different lifestyle events. I had my last 2 exams for this half of the schoolyear, took on a couple of new clients and besides that, there was plenty of other work to do. Not the easiest week but I’ve made it through it and man it feels good. However, the stress and hypocaloric state takes a toll on my performance in the gym. I’ve list my pedometer and needed to order a new one but I can say for sure that I was quite active throughout the week, due to I had a couple of appointments outside.

    • Macros: 205p | 262c | 47f – 2290kcal
    • Weight: 173.5 lbs (down 1.2lbs last week)
    • Sleep: 7.2 hours
    • Hunger: 3.5/5
    • Energy: 3.25/5
    • Steps: around 15,000
    • Cardio: 800 kcal
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Latest Physique Update

Too much has happened in the past 2 weeks but I was feeling so much leaner. When I was over in London, veins started to pop up all over my abs.

Taken first thing on Saturday morning (pump, no food)

  • Light source side on to camera, to give as realistic updates as possible (no half natty lighting)

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