137: The Improvement Season – Lifting belt for bodybuilding?


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Welcome to the improvement Season Podcast! Join coach Pascal & Steve as they venture into their improvement season.

…aka offseason

This podcast is to give you the listener a view into how competitors approach their offseason’s & competitive season. From the nutritional intakes on a daily basis to the periodisation of their training & all the struggles with fat gain & life that will also no doubt occur. This segment of the podcast hopes to inform but also entertain, we invite questions & topics you want to be discussed.

Join us on our improvement season.

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  • 44:46 How would you go about training around a lower back injury?
  • 47:19 Any tips for how to effectively use a lifting belt on squat, bench, and deadlift?
  • 53:33 I find my belt gets tighter after just a few sets on my session’s first compound lift. Is the exercise-induced stress being inflicted on the body causing water fluctuations that quickly? Or is it just due to our diaphragm working harder?
  • 55:30 How would you structure mesocycles and deloads for gen pop clients that are only training 1-2 times per week?
  • 59:00 If you did not progress at all during the last 2 years, say on bench pressing (6 years in the gym in total), stalling on a 100 kg 1 rm on 94 kg bw at 1.93m, how would you go about it? Change it up completely and hit the chest more with machine presses and less bench press or any other approach?
  • 01:05:51 my front delts are lacking.. should i do front raises (less fatigue) or overhead presses to bring them up?
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