172: The Improvement Season – What to do after a fat loss phase


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fat loss

Welcome to the improvement Season Podcast! Join coach Pascal & Steve as they venture into their improvement season.

…aka offseason

This podcast is to give you the listener a view into how competitors approach their offseason’s & competitive season. From the nutritional intakes on a daily basis to the periodisation of their training & all the struggles with fat gain & life that will also no doubt occur. This segment of the podcast hopes to inform but also entertain, we invite questions & topics you want to be discussed.

Join us on our improvement season.

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  • 00:00 Cups and portion sizes
  • 03:59 Fasting and satiety/hunger windows
  • 13:17 Imposter Syndrome
  • 19:08 Uncertainty of next year and plan moving forward
  • 26:35 Idiotic things we’ve done when cutting in the past
  • 32:18 Static holds, Static stretches and rest pause
  • 37:15 What do people mean with “Shock to the system?!”
  • 41:21 Transition out of a fat loss phase
  • 58:44 Eating windows impact on sleep

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