Podcast 181: Brad Schoenfeld – An updated view on the mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy


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Brad Schoenfeld the hypertrophy expert is back on the podcast.

Brad is arguably the most prolific researcher when it comes to the development of muscular hypertrophy. Also an author and trainee himself he has huge amounts of experience. We’re delighted to have him back on the show to talk about his opinion of effective reps and training to failure and much much more!

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  • 00:54 Brad starts off with his take on the effective reps topic
  • 03:38 Training to failure
  • 07:49 Transitioning from failure training to RIR. Any issues with that?
  • 10:06 Difficulties of conducting research
  • 15:16 The limits of study designs and generalisability
  • 20:32 What does it mean to be “evidence-based”
  • 22:33 Brad’s updated model of hypertrophy “metabolic stress” & “muscle damage”. Any changes in practical application. Do we understand the mechanisms of hypertrophy
  • 29:09 Brad’s take on metabolite cycles
  • 31:41 Preferred rep ranges
  • 37:28 Closer to failure on higher reps
  • 38:36 Practically speaking is it harder with RIR at higher reps vs lower reps
  • 39:32 Differences between “gym failure” vs “study design failure”. How do we define failure?
  • 42:02 Biofeedback as an indication of hard training?
  • 44:37 How does Brad train
  • 47:04 Training frequency for different muscle groups
  • 50:10 Is there an Intra Session Volume? Junk Volume?
  • 51:12 Inter-individual differences leading to a misunderstanding in discussions
  • 56:22 How to determine if you could benefit from more volume
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