183: Stimulus to Fatigue Ratio w/ Mike Israetel & Paul Carter


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Stimulus to fatigue ratio

Mike has been on several times but Paul Carter hasn’t! Paul Carter specialises in hypertrophy and body recomposition.

If you’ve ever read an article on T-Nation there is a strong chance it was by Paul. He is a prolific writer not only for T-Nation but also contributed to flex magazine and Muscle and Fitness. Paul is a coach and works with pro bodybuilders and elite strength athletes.

In this highly anticipated episode, Mike & Paul go into a discussion around the stimulus to fatigue ratio, which implies things such as proper technique, failure proximity, exercise selection and much more!

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  • 01:51 Paul’s general principles for hypertrophy
  • 03:33 Volume vs. Intensity
  • 08:27 Definition of volume and intensity and their relationship with another
  • 10:23 Proper lifting technique dictates volume
  • 20:06 Mike & Paul talk about Rack Pulls
  • 21:38 Different take on SFR
  • 25:17 Paul touches on SFR
  • 29:14 Resensitisation blocks
  • 33:04 SFR and failure proximity
  • 40:41 Preference vs. Optimality
  • 42:40 Failure vs. RIR
  • 52:37 Beginners and training to failure early in their careers?
  • 56:38 Relearning technique
  • 01:03:53 Good technique and full ROM training
  • 01:08:50 Intention of an exercise
  • 01:17:14 Conclusion

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Steve spoke to Mike Israetel about high-frequency training – listen here.

Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here.

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