186: High vs. Low Frequency w/ Mike Israetel & Tim Henriques


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We all know Mike…

Tim has a BS in Kinesiology and a huge passion for powerlifting. He is the director of the National Personal Training Institute and has been competing in powerlifting for over 20 years. Tim has written for the likes of t-nation.com, Arnold.com, thePTDC.com, amongst many others.

This week Tim goes into a discussion with Dr. Mike Israetel about low frequency vs high frequency training.

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  • 01:32 Why the guys got together. Based on Mike’s post about using an excessively low frequency being suboptimal
  • 03:49 Tim talks about the benefits of low-frequency training
  • 06:16 Mike responds to Tim’s question if high-frequency training has a higher likelihood of injury
  • 11:02 Tim’s take on injury and frequency
  • 12:12 Does intensity trump frequency?
  • 18:54 Reaching muscular potential with a bro-split?
  • 28:15 Minimum/Maximum training session sets and why
  • 33:21 Tim gets back to Mike’s points
  • 35:31 Example that speaks for & against higher frequency
  • 42:29 Is low frequency easier to programme and who would benefit from it based on Mike’s opinion
  • 47:52 Is there a total set maximum?
  • 51:12 Tim responds to Mike about max set numbers and consideration of time
  • 53:37 Why there needs to be a minimum session volume
  • 58:05 Commonly touted people and their muscular development and training? Yates, Mentzer, etc
  • 01:02:11 Parroting effect and idolism
  • 01:11:00 Summary

Links Mentioned:

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