209: Greg Potter – How to Improve Your Sleep


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Greg is back for another episode! This time we’re talking all about how to improve your sleep. Greg is my go-to guy for all things sleep, for good reason.

Greg helps a range of individuals feel and perform better, from elite athletes to CEOs to people who have mood disorders. Since he did his PhD on the topics of sleep, nutrition, and metabolism, Greg spends much of his time helping individuals sleep better, but his interests are much wider than this subject alone.

Highlights of Greg’s career so far include coaching a sprinter to four gold medals in his category at the European Championships; having his research featured in dozens of international news outlets, including the BBC, Reuters, and The Washington Post; working with the US Naval Special Warfare Command, and helping to prepare two men to break the Atlantic rowing World Record. If you’ve ever thought about using intuitive eating or have clients who would like to, don’t miss this episode!

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  • 00:44 Waking up in the night to pee and how to deal with it
  • 12:32 Capping fluid before bed?
  • 16:51 Managing sleep during stressful times
  • 47:20 How to begin improving your sleep issue
  • 51:49 Fitness tracker for sleep information
  • 01:04:08 What fitness tracker to get?

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