211: Martin McDonald – A case for Rapid Weight Loss


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Rapid Fat loss

Martin is a Clinical Performance Nutritionist and CEO of www.Mac-Nutrition.com, a nutrition consultancy company.

A family man, joker and he even dabbled in bodybuilding in his younger years with some trademark muscle groups including calves and triceps. He holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a postgraduate degree in Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. He is the founder of Mac-Nutrition Uni an evidence-based online nutrition course www.Mac-NutritionUni.com.

This time we’re having a two-part episode for you. This is part two in which we’re going more in-depth about the discussion around a case for Rapid Weight Loss.

If you haven’t seen part one, go check it out first: https://youtu.be/_xO_L4CVweo

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  • 00:07 How to estimate bodyfat percentages
  • 08:13 Max length of fat loss diets & refeeds/diet breaks
  • 23:50 Confirmation bias vs. evidence
  • 28:40 Misconceptions of rapid weight loss
  • 33:55 A case for rapid weight loss
  • 38:56 Increased hunger after refeeds
  • 39:56 Why rebounds don’t happen after rapid weight loss

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Last time, Steve was talking to Martin MacDonald about Rapid Fat loss – listen here

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