236: Mike Challis – Psychological Stages during an Injury


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Mike Challis is the Physio at Revive Stronger.

He got his physiotherapy degree in 2011 and has completed 2 masters degree’s since. He’s the lead Physiotherapist for Men’s & Women’s Hockey squads at Loughborough University. Furthermore, Mike has competed in the BNBF in 2014 as well as in powerlifting.

Mike seeks to combine his passions for physiotherapy, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman and barbell sports, in general, to enable these athletes to be and remain injury-free and maximise their potential.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:20 What differentiates a true injury vs. small aches and niggles?
  • 05:55 Leading indicators of injuries
  • 09:10 Psychology of injuries
  • 12:28 Psychological stages of an injury
  • 17:18 From depression/Avoidance into a positive mindset
  • 23:18 What can you do during this time?
  • 29:15 How to transition out of an injury
  • 32:28 What physical things can we do during an injury
  • 36:05 Pain diary
  • 39:40 Experimentation
  • 41:39 Practical recommendations
  • 44:02 Seeking progressional help and having a plan
  • 48:28 When can you push through something and when isn’t it a good idea?
  • 51:34 Cracking, popping, concerning?
  • 56:32 Visualising a muscle group

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