240: Refeed Roundtable w/ Menno Henselmans, Jackson Peos, Brian Minor & Alberto Nunez


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The refeed roundtable, a comprehensive look at the current evidence supporting refeeds.

On todays show I speak to Menno, Brain, Alberto and Jackson. We first discuss the recent study done by Bill Campbell’s lab and whether the conclusions are what they seem. We then did into the practical relevance of refeeds and who might actually want to use them.

You don’t want to miss this.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 What are refeeds?
  • 02:38 Reason for the episode and Bill Campbells study on refeeds
  • 04:01 Jackson starts off with his criticisms against the study
  • 07:15 Mennos take on the paper
  • 11:00 Brians take and criticism of the data and flaws with measurement tools used
  • 19:52 Alberto talks about his observations with refeeds
  • 25:51 Mennos experiences with refeeds
  • 27:49 Brians take on refeeds
  • 33:53 Jackson talks about refeeds and why refeeds have been so popular
  • 36:43 Refeeds on performance and placebo effects
  • 39:37 Has Jackson found the same thing to be the case?
  • 42:23 People that it didn’t work for?
  • 44:47 Differences of the role of a refeed in a normal diet vs. contest prep
  • 47:12 Potential consequences of a refeed
  • 50:33 Positive observations for prep athletes
  • 53:09 Can the load days be too load?
  • 55:52 Peaking

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