259: Mike Israetel – How many Calories during a Deload?


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Mike is back for another Q&A. This time we’re talking about prep, deload and calories, maintenance phases, best bodyfat percentage and much more.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:48 Mike’s current training & nutrition
  • 04:44 Deload and calories
  • 17:38 Refeeds on contest prep individuals
  • 23:39 Horizontal and vertical pulling distribution
  • 30:58 15-20% bodyfat better for gaining than 10-15%
  • 40:28 Maintenance phases to reverse some of the negative adaptations of dieting
  • 45:55 Full deload when seeing signs of MRV
  • 52:44 How much time between preps and is it different between natty’s and enhanced?

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Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here.

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