278: Mike Israetel – Risks & Responsibilities In Bodybuilding


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Mike is back with another fantastic episode. We’re talking about some of the recent tragic events in bodybuilding, the risks and responsibilities of the sport and the dangers of diuretics.
Furthermore, we talk about some of your guys questions.


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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:47 Supplement protocol and the reality of certain compounds and results
  • 10:11 Responsibility and risks of taking supplements
  • 15:06 The dangers of diuretics
  • 19:03 Health in bodybuilding and aesthetics
  • 23:46 Bands and glute machine for maximising glute development
  • 30:08 How to optimally use Myo-reps
  • 38:57 How to assess weaknesses and lagging bodyparts objectively
  • 45:24 Top 3 cereals for massing phases
  • 47:51 If you experience diet fatigue but performance is going, what to do?

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Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here.

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