290: Chris Barakat – You Are Not Losing Muscle During A Cut


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Losing Muscle

New WNBF Pro Chris is back on the show. We talk about this season & the lessons & takeaways. How did he improve show to show? What was the secret sauce to maintaining muscle? Why is stage lighting so important? All that and more to be found in this episode.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:21 Current situation postseason and post-show period
  • 04:38 Post-show with more experience. Rigidity vs. flexibility
  • 10:17 When to allow for more flexibility
  • 12:38 How was the prep structured and season reflections
  • 20:50 Fear of muscle loss
  • 25:43 You need more practice and hence more volume. Focus on quality vs. quantity
  • 32:34 How many shows this season
  • 34:24 Why stage lighting is so important
  • 40:25 Show outcome, expectations and self-believe
  • 50:19 Peak week experience and study
  • 59:35 Water retention when lean



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