Podcast 025: Jeff Alberts – The Do’s & Don’ts of Natural Bodybuilding


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This week Steve talks to Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ.

Jeff is a Natural Pro Bodybuilder with over 30 years of training experience under his belt. He has been through it all when it comes to bodybuilding, we go over the good, the bad and the ugly. What Jeff has learnt over his time training and competing and how he deals with contest prep and all the stressors that come with that.

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Time stamps:

  • 04:42 How Jeff’s approach to training & nutrition has changed overtime
  • 11:45 How Jeff is able to not get drawn by new science & can listen to his own experience
  • 15:22 How Jeff deals with anxiety during contest prep
  • 23:10 Bodybuilding and relationships
  • 31:25 Defining you own success as a natural bodybuilder
  • 39:45 The importance in giving yourself time
  • 49:25 The recovery diet & different experiences
  • 56:15 Why has Jeff never ventured into powerlifting?

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Steve asked Mike Israetel your questions including his thoughts on Intuitive eating, listen here.

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