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How i "died"

What's Revive Stronger all about?

Death might be a little strong, but I certainly wasn’t far from it. In 2010, my second year at University I was fit as a fiddle, taking part in rowing, football and running clubs. On top of that I would do my own training, a bit of weights and some intense runs. I’ve always liked sport, and being fit, some might call me obsessed. Here is where my death took place, I will draw you a picture, so you can envisage how this ‘death’ occurred.

Don’t worry it isn’t all blood and guts. So I was on a typical ‘Hardcore 10km Run’ had my running watch on, heart monitor equipped and was killing it. This was a particularly good run, I was on for an all time best, I bloody love pushing myself to my limits. I was on it, I had a mission to make this personal best time. This is where my passion and drive caused me my death.

I was within 200m of finishing my run, but before I could complete it, there were traffic lights, I didn’t want to stop. I looked up, they were flashing amber, brilliant I thought to myself, I can make it across.  There I went, blasting forward to finish my best run ever.

Black. That’s all I could see. Emptiness. That’s all I could feel. Silence. I couldn’t hear a thing. After a few minutes, things began to become clearer.
People looking over me, I was lying on the floor, I couldn’t move. “Is he OK?”, “Has someone called an ambulance?” This is when I knew I was in trouble. I’d been hit, hit hard.

You may have sussed out what happened there, I was hit by on coming traffic. Rushed to hospital, and there I stayed for a month. The longest month of my entire life.

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