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Special One Time Combo Offer!

Get the London Seminar + Replays of the last 2 Years!

All 3 replays combined!


High quality visual and audio footage from two of the largest evidence-based seminars thrown in London. Pause, make notes, come back and revisit later…you’re going to need to because the amount of information here isn’t something you can whizz through.

Within this bundle you will get:

Setting up your own hypertrophy plan.
What data to collect & how to analyse it.
How best to transition post show.

And those points only scrape the surface, you get hours of lectures from Phd’s, Coaches and bodybuilders. This sort of content is usually something you’d pay thousands for in intuition fees, but now you don’t! You get to specifically learn about the topics that matter to you for a margin of the cost.

Everything Muscular

This is exclusive video footage from the London Seminar 2019. Within this video seminar footage the following questions will be answered:

  • Do you want to dig deep into the principles of muscular hypertrophy?
  • Do you want to learn how to best recover from your training?
  • Do you want to discover how to maximise your gut health?

This is only slightly describing what you’ll find in the video footage. By the end of this seminar you’ll have taken your knowledge to the next level.
No matter if it’s general development and education, to improve your coaching skills or for your own progress, you’ll have all the skills and tools to step up your game.

From the understanding of gut health on performance, optimising your recovery for the best progress and getting the latest findings on hypertrophy, this footage will be worth every minute.

Meet the Presenters

Mike Israetel

will be diving deep into all things muscular hypertrophy including new insights garnered from his writing of the ebook the scientific principles of hypertrophy training. Never talked about hypothetical concepts by Mike that are: Minimum and Maximum Session Volume.

James Hoffman

will be taking you through a step by step guide on how to develop your own recovery intervention that works in your own life. Additionally, you'll find presentations about Balancing Physique & Lifestyle. Last but not least James talks about Recovery modalities and their validity.

Gabrielle Fundaro

will be going over the importance of gut health and how to troubleshoot diets. Gabrielle will delve deep into gut health and its effect on training and nutrition.

Testimonials of Past Attendee's

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