Podcast 017: Q&A with Dr. Mike Israetel – Periodisation, Muscle Set Points, Mini Cuts & more


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Mini cuts, muscle set points, periodisation and so much more.

You asked the questions, I put them over to Dr. Mike Israetel. I want to thank you all for your questions and I am sorry we didn’t manage to get to them all. Also apologise that Mike’s sound quality isn’t high, honestly it’s horrible when we get such high content but not matched to the internet connection quality. However, the information here is still fantastic and I even get taught a lesson about Beta Alanine and it’s use as a bodybuilder.

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Your questions:


  1. Corentin Clement: As a Powerlifter , do you think that WUP is better than block periodization for intermediate lifter since he can probably add some weight to his lift every 3 weeks or so?
  2. Stephen Caserta What are your thoughts on tempo training and where do they fit in training?
  3. Zafer Barutcuogl: Deeper squats are better for quad hypertrophy, but my high-bar full-depth 1RM is 20% lower than my PL squat (and front squats another 20% weaker). At which point does the drop in intensity cancel out the added ROM benefits?


  1. Wisdom Valleser: Dr. Mike, you said muscle is harder to gain than it is to maintain thus it’s easy to keep it on once you have them. So why then do we need to hold weight after a massing phase? Why can’t we proceed to the cutting phase immediately?
  2. Trevor Fullbright: If someone’s main goal is to spend a few years trying to gain as much muscle as possible, is there any detriment to doing shorter, yet hard cutting phases vs longer, yet less serve calorie restricted phases in order to get back to massing sooner? Assuming you have no performance oriented goals looming during the cutting phase.
  3. Kate Ann: As long as one consumed n-3s from fish, is it okay for an active female to eat very low fat (say around 10% or .1 gm/lb.) year round because she prefers carbs, if she is eating a nutrient dense diet and feels (subjective) great?
  4. Matias Bergstrøm Andersen: For a maintenance phase to stabilise bodyweight, will a recomping diet have any drawbacks opposed to eating at maintenance every day?
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  1. Sebastian Rs: Would you suggest taking Citrulline Malate as a bodybuilder? And what other supplements are you recommending?
  2. Arash Ensani: Do you use caffeine? How do you use it?
  3. Derek Dixon I see claims made that certain “low-temperature processed” protein powders are significantly better than their regular protein powder counterparts for meal replacement. Do you have any insight into the validity of these claims? If they are better, is there a way to quantify just how much better? Often, the LTP powders are significantly more expensive than other powders, so some standard of comparison as to their efficacy would help determine if it’s worth the premium.


  1. Emma Green: Do you think there need to be any differences for females vs males with regards to training or nutrition?

Favourite Quote:

[bctt tweet=”if you switch between hypertrophy & strength all the time, you may find both get significantly compromised ” username=”revivestronger”]


We talked to Mike Samuels about female training myths here.

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