Podcast 085: Mike Israetel – Responds to critiques of MRV & more


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Another fantastic Q&A with Mike Israetel.

This is a must listen as Mike dispels myths on narrow food selection, tells you how to find the least you need to grow, responds to recent critiques of MRV and much more.

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Time stamps:

  • 02:20 Mike Israetel explains how to find your MEV in a single mesocycle
  • 16:05 Mike Israetel explains why we might want to avoid fats post workout
  • 23:50 Mike Israetel dissects a ‘vertical diet’ approach for optimising digestion
  • 35:32 Mike Israetel address some recent critiques of MRV
  • 52:25 Mike Israetel answers “how does meal frequency change through the different phases of dieting?”

Links Mentioned:

If anyone is interested in learning more about volume and programming, I highly recommend the latest book by James Hoffmann & Mike Israetel:

“How much should I train?”

↳ Click to read about the ebook

⇨ Instructions on how to find your personal training Volume Landmarks
⇨ Guidance on how to optimize your Volume Landmarks while dieting
⇨ Includes worksheet templates for Volume Landmark tracking
⇨ Applications of the Volume Landmarks for a variety of sports and athletic career maturity levels


Steve interviewed Borge Fagerli all about his myo-rep muscle growth method – listen here.

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