Podcast 086: Broderick Chavez – How & Why; high carb, low fat, massing


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Broderick Chavez is the ‘Evil Genius’ is back talking about high carb, low fat massing!

From why this approach might be superior to just aiming to hit protein and calories, to why separating carbs and fats from one another might be a good idea and what we should do with our carbs on rest days. This is a subject Broderick is very passionate about and I think that was clear in todays Podcast.

His company is Evil Genius Sports Performance (EGSP), which is also his vision. Broderick’s deepest intention for EGSP as well as himself is not to prove to you or anyone else that he is the singular outlet for truth, but through thought, experiment and dialog bring us all a bit closer to the truth.

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Time stamps:

  • 01:30 Broderick Chavez answers; what is the high carb low fat mass?
  • 11:35 Broderick Chavez explains the difference to this vs. just hitting protein & calories.
  • 28:35 Broderick Chavez tells us how low we can go with our fat intake without seeing issues.
  • 32:55 Broderick Chavez explains why fat & carb combining might be a concern.
  • 41:55 Broderick Chavez talks to the ‘cost’ of this approach.
  • 43:40 Broderick Chavez answers; should we lower carbs & up fats on rest days?

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