Podcast 157: Aaron Horschig – Debunking Common Myths about Squats


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Dr. Aaron Horschig is the founder of Squat University.

He is a physical therapist, coach, speaker, and writer is the author of the squat bible and has been published in numerous professional journals. Aaron is also a competitive Olympic weightlifter since 2005, placing sixth in the 2011 US Nationals.

In today’s I ask Aaron how do we stay healthy and injury free as a physique competitor, we go over whether you should wear a belt, knee sleeves or squat shoes during the squat and go over various squat myths. If you or your clients squat, this is a must see/hear 😉

London Seminar Replay

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  • 00:20 Aaron starts off with talking about injuries
  • 05:59 Aaron further continues talking about “pre-hab”
  • 10:20 Anything in addition we can do to prevent injury?
  • 20:02 Is there an issue with not being able to go as deep during the warmup
  • 22:56 How to breath for squats
  • 26:13 Aaron’s thought on lifting belts
  • 29:12 Aaron’s opinion on posture
  • 33:29 Aaron continues with talking about foot stance and hip anatomy
  • 37:11 Squat shoes or not?
  • 39:38 Aaron’s take on knee sleeves
  • 42:12 What causes butt-wink, is it concerning and how can we address it?
  • 46:30 Debunking the knees past the toe myth
  • 49:14 Knees collapsing and what to do about it?

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