Podcast 158: Jackson Peos – Current Science Behind Intermittent Dieting


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Jackson Peos is a coach, competitor and researcher.
He is currently studying at the University of Western Australia, where he is investigating the effects of diet breaks versus continuous dieting in athletic populations. We dig into this research and lots of questions pertaining to what can the smell of food do for your diet and promising supplements for spot fat reduction.

London Seminar Replay

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  • 08:13 Jackson’s take on spot reduction creme
  • 13:21 Doing Ab exercises to reduce ab fat
  • 15:54 Exposure to food (Smelling, seeing, etc) any effect on fat loss?
  • 18:40 Any correlation to the food palatability reward hypothesis and struggles with diet breaks/refeeds
  • 24:44 Jackson’s view of fitness gadgets such as fitbits and their accuracy
  • 27:34 Jackson talks about intermittent dieting, Ie. diet breaks/refeeds
  • 32:34 What are other known benefits of refeeds/diet breaks
  • 39:24 When are the benefits of diet breaks actually present?
  • 40:30 Is there a significant difference between males and females?
  • 42:08 Jackson’s views about 2 day refeeds or a linear deficit followed by a prolonged diet break

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