Podcast 159: Jason Miller – Understanding Biomechanics for Muscle Growth


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Jason Miller is an expert in biomechanics and how this influences our physique training.

Today’s episode is an absolute must for anyone who wants to take their training and knowledge to a new level. We cover some basic biomechanics you can take into the gym with you today and some advanced concepts for you to think about. Jason himself has a PhD in exercise physiology, MS in Exercise Science, is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has over 17 years experience coaching athletes

London Seminar Replay

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  • 02:42 Biomechanic basics we should know
  • 06:28 How to set up properly for an exercise and playing with execution
  • 12:53 Jason talks about isometric, concentric and eccentric moments
  • 19:47 Jason’s take on the importance of eccentric
  • 22:34 Jason continuous with speaking about stimulus to fatigue ratio
  • 25:12 Jason talks through the chasing load on the bar and stretch reflex
  • 30:43 Jason touches on accommodating resistance
  • 45:44 Implementing pauses and tempo?
  • 54:27 Jason ends with talking about Post-activation potentiation

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