Podcast 160: Lyndon Purcell – Physiological changes in a Contest Prep


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Lyndon is a deep thinker of science in sport and nutrition.

He has a masters in high-performance sport science, a bachelor of applied science and uses this as the head of education at JPS. Lyndon is a very thoughtful coach and presenter, which is obvious as soon as you start listening to this episode. We dig into the physiology of getting very very lean and how you can best set yourself up for success.

As mentioned in the episode Lyndon and Jacob from JPS will be hitting up Bath in the UK with Steve and Pascal to present at the Ultimate Contest Prep Seminar. This is essentially the launch of their long-awaited book on contest prep, covering everything you could want to know and more.

For tickets and more info please click here.

London Seminar Replay

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  • 02:53 Lyndon starts with talking about what physiology actually means
  • 09:26 What physiological changes are to be expected during a contest prep
  • 13:41 How much is getting cold during a prep related to adaptations?
  • 18:40 Sex hormone adaptations
  • 32:10 What are some strategies that are useful that minimise the inevitable
  • 46:33 any differences between males and females that are important to point out

Links Mentioned:


Steve spoke to Podcast 159: Jason Miller – Understanding Biomechanics for Muscle Growth – listen here.

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