Podcast 161: Jacob Schepis – Digging through a Contest Prep


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Contest Prep

Jacob is the owner & director of JPS Health & Fitness.

He is also a competitive natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, where he has won multiple state and international titles, along with competing in the International Powerlifting Federation, where he has competed at a national level and achieved a top 8 Ranking in Australia. Furthermore, he has helped thousands of individuals improve their strength, body composition and well being through evidence-based resistance training and nutrition.

Jacob is very knowledgeable and a fantastic practitioner, in today’s episode we dig into the digging phase! What you can expect during this phase of contest prep and how best to get through it, so you can find your golden physique.

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  • 02:15 Jacob starts with talking about the biggest mistakes in a contest prep personally and with clients
  • 10:23 What’s the digging phase?
  • 15:55 Body fat set points/settling points
  • 23:56 What are strategies Jacob recommends in doing in the digging phase
  • 32:29 Jacob’s recommendation on posing practice
  • 39:37 How to deal with fluctuations on the scale during prep
  • 50:21 What Jacob is talking about in Bath

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Steve spoke to Lyndon Purcell about Physiological changes in a Contest Prep – listen here.

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