Podcast 162: Mike Israetel – Mixing Rep Ranges for Max Muscle Growth


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Mike is back again for another Q&A.
This time Mike talks about Skeletor face, general metabolite recommendations, SARMS, mixing rep ranges for max hypertrophy and much more!

Also, London Seminar 2019 just finished and you’ll have the chance to get the video footage to further advance with your knowledge.

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London Seminar Replay

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  • 01:26 Skeletor face, a sign of malnutrition?
  • 05:53 Programming Bro-Splits for metabolite mesocycles?
  • 08:09 General recommendations for metabolite work
  • 11:55 Making changes to mesocycles
  • 16:37 Thoughts on SARMS
  • 18:20 Mesocycle length for enhanced lifters
  • 22:20 Favourite European protein bar and the best country to travel to in Europe?
  • 29:09 Non-fitness related people Mike recommends and/or looks up to
  • 37:29 What are Mike’s thoughts on training routines of classic bodybuilders
  • 44:00 Can you do more frequency even if you’re not advanced?
  • 50:23 How can one diagnose if someone has great genetics+drug use vs. smart drug use/no drug use+good genetics and decent training/nutrition
  • 55:26 Does mixing rep ranges in a single workout better for hypertrophy or distributing it across the week?

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Steve spoke to Jacob Schepis about Digging through a Contest Prep – listen here.

Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here.

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