Podcast 163: Jordan Peters – Pivotal Reps: These are the reps that count


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Jordan lives and breaths bodybuilding, his passion is undeniable. 

As well as being a bodybuilder he has a masters in physiology and is a highly experienced coach. He’s worked with world champion powerlifters and top bodybuilders in Nabba and the IFBB. Today we dig into Jordan’s passion for bodybuilding and his philosophies for muscle growth.

London Seminar Replay

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  • 01:39 Jordan starts off with talking about why he’s so passionate about bodybuilding
  • 05:44 Jordan talks about how he learned things about bodybuilding
  • 12:13 Jordan speaks about his philosophies and methodologies for muscle growth
  • 18:03 Jordan touches on having log books
  • 21:52 Main way of progressive overloading for hypertrophy
  • 25:11 Jordan speaks a bit about periodisation and exercise selection
  • 27:23 Jordan elaborates on exercise variation and selection
  • 29:40 Jordan touches on rep ranges and load progression
  • 32:29 Jordan talks about taking sets to failure and perspective on reps in reserve
  • 35:28 Jordan explains pivotal reps
  • 39:42 Jordan talks about recovery and things to monitor, such as HRV
  • 42:55 Jordan goes on with talking about nutritional setup. Calories, Macros, nutrient timing, etc.
  • 45:36 Macro distribution
  • 48:00 What are Jordan’s views on caloric surplus
  • 50:59 Jordan’s biggest changes over the past years

Links Mentioned:


Steve spoke to Mike Israetel & Mixing Rep Ranges for Max Muscle Growth – listen here.

READ  224: Volume vs. Intensity - Mesocycle Progression in Hypertrophy Part 1 w/ Eric Helms, Mike Israetel, Brian Minor & Jared Feather

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