Podcast 165: Jordan Peters & Mike Israetel – Reps In Reserve


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We know Mike and at least since Episode 163, you should know Jordan as well.

In today’s episode, Mike and Jordan go into a discussion about Reps In Reserve, Training to failure and their overall take on that matter. What are the pros, cons and potential considerations. A much-anticipated episode that is finally there.

London Seminar Replay

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  • 00:25 Jordan starts with asking Mike the question about his progression scheme
  • 03:18 Jordan speaks about his progression setup with exercise selection and goes ahead in asking Mike why he changed his progression models over time
  • 06:13 Jordan speaks about the misconception of “training hard” being enough
  • 07:05 The importance of preparing for a training session, keeping a training log and exercise rotation
  • 20:14 Mike talks about reps in reserve
  • 23:28 Jordan responds with his training style followed by Mike talking about his thoughts on pros/cons
  • 33:26 Jordan gets back to Mike’s points about reps in reserve
  • 45:07 Mike speaks about his own personal experience with going to failure all time
  • 50:24 Rest pause techniques and consistent pauses

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Steve spoke to Jake Reed – Athlete Monitoring Techniques – listen here.

Get updates of when new podcasts come out straight into your inbox plus some free content by clicking here.

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