Podcast 166: Mike T. Nelson – Heart Rate Variability


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Dr. Mike T Nelson has spent over 18 years of his life learning how the human body works.

Mike specifically focusses on how to properly condition the body to burn fat, become stronger, more flexible and healthier. He has a PhD in exercise physiology, a BA in natural science and MS in biomechanics. Mike has developed techniques to help the top government agencies and his clients who have been featured across the globe.

In today’s episode, we discuss some of the work Mike has been publishing on his website. Many of the topics which are quite controversial and so we get the inside scoop.

London Seminar Replay

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  • 01:05 Mike talks about “Pissing matches”, camps and trying to deliver information.
  • 05:15 Mike’s take on HRV (Heart rate variability)
  • 11:13 What would be a good indication of good/poor recovery
  • 20:33 Who does it work for the best?
  • 30:15 What devices does Mike use for data collection and their accuracy
  • 33:59 Nocebo effects or any other negative effects of HRV?
  • 43:44 Is more data better?
  • 46:12 Frequency of collecting data
  • 49:14 What are small changes you can do to aid recovery.
  • Sleep, sunlight exposure, etc.

Links Mentioned:


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