Podcast 167: Danny Lennon – Chrono-Nutrition and the Circadian Rhythm


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Danny is the owner of Sigma Nutrition, a leading content creator and coaching service in the evidence-based fitness sphere.

Of course, Danny is also the host of the great Sigma Nutrition Podcast, he also presents internationally and has a master’s in Nutritional Sciences. Today we talk about an area that Danny has been taking a deep look into, that being the circadian rhythm and Chrono nutrition. Is eating past 6pm actually something we should avoid? How do we best regulate our body clock? These are just some of the questions we answer in today’s episode.

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  • 01:11 Danny starts with talking about chrono-nutrition
  • 07:01 Societal impact on circadian rhythm
  • 13:29 Seasonal changes and their effect on circadian rhythm
  • 15:47 Practical application
  • 21:37 Anything someone can actually do to counteract early get up?
  • 24:40 Is there a hierarchy for chrono nutrition?
  • 27:28 Recommendations and confirmation of former beliefs such as eating late not being optimal
  • 39:46 Calorie distribution across the days may impact physical activity and what about those who are aware of their activity levels?
  • 43:18 Is there a macronutrient that is preferably consumed at a specific time of the day?
  • 49:23 Time-restricted eating
  • 57:37 Danny gives some caveats and what we don’t know

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