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This is exclusive video footage from the London Seminar 2019. Within this video seminar footage, you'll find presentations and slides from Mike Israetel, James Hoffmann & Gabrielle Fundaro. Never talked about hypothetical concepts by Mike that are: Minimum and Maximum Session Volume and More!
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We are super proud to present to you The Primer Phase.

Reason being is that there’s not much information out there regarding such period of time, how to programme it and why it’s beneficial. So we’re excited for more people to incorporate Primer Phases into their long term plan, which will ultimately allow for long term efficient muscle growth and fat loss.

The Primer Phase will quite literally set you up for success.

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Expert Reviews


“In this book, and in all of the content produced by Revive, you’ll be learning concepts that were from the outset designed to subvert such errors in approach, and not only lead you to get better results for yourself, but also teach you to become an advanced thinker about all things muscle gain and fat loss so that you can help others.

Within this book and all of the other resources at Revive Stronger, Steve and Pascal will help you harness the kind of approach to problems in fitness that will have you anticipating and correcting for mistakes before they even happen. If that’s not the kind of intellectual content you’re interested in, I don’t have anything much better to offer you.
Enjoy this excellent book and I hope you learn a ton. It comes with my absolute seal of approval!”

Dr. Mike Israetel

– May 2019

Have you ever noticed that as you diet, your body fights you?

Or how after a while high volume training beats you up?
And you just don’t get as good progression as you used to?

This is a very real and known response, you see the body adapts, quite literally for survival. It doesn’t care if you want to be ripped and muscular, it will fight for homeostasis. Thus it can be very hard to keep moving towards our goals, quite often we end up not ever making it.

The Primer Phase is here to bridge that gap, to help keep you gaining muscle and losing fat. It resensitises pathways to make fat loss and muscle gain more efficient and ultimately achievable again.

It quite literally primes you for future success, this book gives you the how’s, why’s and everything inbetween.

About the Author

Steve Hall

Lead author of The Primer Phase Steve Hall appreciates it can be difficult to navigate fitness information available online. He understands how confusing it can be and how there is really such a mixed bag out there. This is why Revive Stronger puts so much work into spreading high quality information from academics with lots of practical experience. In addition, Steve is a competitive natural bodybuilder and has worked with hundreds of clients.


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