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Chrononutrition 101

Hey Revivers! This is coach Ryan here. I’m currently finishing up my Master’s degree here (fall of 2019) and the main topic I’m studying is chrononutrition.

This course is meant to explain some concepts surrounding chrononutrition, how it might influence you, and give you some ideas on how you may apply these concepts. This course is not meant to tell you exactly what to do. It’s also not meant to say “this is the final word” on chrononutrition — As it’s still a fairly novel field of research, and there are many questions still unanswered.

In video one, I breakdown what chrononutrition is, some potential consequences, and what impacts our natural circadian rhythms. In video 2, I dive into the research and discuss things regarding energy distribution, food composition, fasting, and other related research. In video 3, I give some practical recommendations. Then, you can look forward to a quiz at the very end of this course to see how well you grasped some of these concepts.


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