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Are you ready for a coach? – Coaching is an investment in your future self. Your goals can only be achieved if we’re both doing what is required of us. Ask yourself if you’re ready to truly commit and willing to put in the work, success is only a matter of time!

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What to expect – Coaching is team work. We’ll help you to the best of our abilities to achieve your goals. In order to do so, we need to work as a team. We can only show you the way, you’ll still have to walk on your own.  

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Consultation – During our first chat we’ll give you an overview of the coaching service, answering your questions as well as getting to know you to make sure we’re a good fit.

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Let’s go! – Seems like you’re ready for coaching! Book in your consultation below. 

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At Revive Stronger we pride ourselves on providing personalised coaching service that will take your physique and knowledge to the next level. You’ll receive your own fully individualised training protocol alongside a tailored nutritional strategy.  We want you to get the best results and will help you achieve them to the best of our abilities. Our weekly video check-ins will ensure you get the most out of the coaching. Additionally, you’ll be granted access to our exclusive Revive Stronger membersite, where you’ll be able to watch over hundreds of hours worth of educational & entertaining content. You’ll become part of a thriving community so that if you’re stuck or need help you can immediately get the support. No matter if you’re a physique competitor, female or male, just want want to look better or someone that just feels stuck, this is the right coaching for you!
  • Individualised training plan & nutritional strategy
  • Weekly video check-ins
  • Hands on care from your coach
  • Access to Membersite
  • Private Facebook-Group
  • Exclusive Discord Group
  • …and much more!

We want to get to know you, your goals, what you want to get out of the coaching, what you’re struggling with and much more. Basically everything about you to help us understand what you need help with and what we can do for you. Furthermore we’re going to talk about the coaching, the things you can expect, what the coaching entails and everything relevant to coaching. Furthermore we want to prevent people signing up who cannot benefit from online coaching for example if you have a lot of stress or limited time, can’t perform basic compound movements in the gym, have a lack of understanding of macronutrients or simply think having a coach means you’re guaranteed results without putting in the work.

We aim to be the best at providing results for our clients, and you’re not going to understand this and how we work without having a chat first. There’s no obligation to sign up after the consult, this is just the way we like/need to work to vet clients.

We want to be chosen because we’re the right fit for you and not based on price, so we don’t provide our prices here. But we can tell you it will be between £150-£300 per month. The exact coaching fee will be provided by your coach during your consultation. The coaching is paid monthly in a subscription based way via Paypal or Stripe. 

Nothing special is required from you for the consultation, it will be a maximum of 30 minutes in length. We do have a small consultation fee, that will be refunded if you are to sign up. If you don’t sign up it will be a small price for what will be a very comprehensive consultation and this acts as an incentive for you to get the most from our chat.

It can be said that we work with everyone who is serious about making a change! It doesn’t matter if you want to compete or not, if you see yourself as a bodybuilder or not, if you’re female or male, all we care about is that you know what you want, you’re willing to put in the work and effort, you’re committed to learn and truly want make a change!

Yes! Many of our coaches are experienced competitors themselves and we have taken many of our athletes successfully to stage (just check some of the transformations below). We will map out your entire contest season, including your recovery phase post show so you bring your best and feel your best too.

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